Electric Bicycle Manufacturing, Sales & Services

Electric Bicycle Manufacturing, Sales & Services

Reliable & Durable Local Assembled.
Approved & Certified By Local Authorities. 

Beneftis of Electric Bicycles





At Vector Atlantic, we provide service and maintenance for our electric bikes. Our service team are well trained and based locally to ensure faster response time.


The electric bikes are assembled locally to keep cost low. Made available fresh off the line, eliminates any third party cost making the bikes truly affordable.


All e-bikes goes through strict manufacture and assemble process, they comply with local safety standards, and certified by local authorities.

Long Range
  • High capacity lithium ion battery

  • Rechargeable and Replaceable

  • Fully Charged within 4-6 hours

  • Pedal assist range up to 70KM

  • Up to 1000w brushless motor

  • Intelligent Pedal Assistant System

  • Safe speed up to 35km/h

  • High load capacity

  • Aluminum alloy

  • Design based on human engineering

  • Weigh as low as 23kg

  • Foldable models can be hand carried

Better & Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise have been proven beneficial to us, regular exercise contributes to better body immune system. Cycling has the potential to help us achieve the recommended fitness goal. An electric bicycle provides pedal assistant to the rider, therefore making riding long distance or climbing up hill less taxing to the body. The assistance will only kick in with the rider's pedal, hence, it does require a certain level of physical activity from the rider. E-Bikes makes cycling for a wider range of people, especially for elderly and people with health issue. Regular cycling can help in blood pressure control and help maintain body fat, start out your healthy lifestyle by commuting to work in an e-bike.

Easy & Better Mobility

Electric bicycle is the easiest way to commute around in the city and to work. The pedal assistance allows one to travel greater distance with lesser effort. The extra acceleration from the motor helps the rider to achieve a higher speed shortening the time required to travel. Comparing to cars and motorcycle, e-bikes takes lesser space, traffic jams are easier to navigate through. Besides that, enjoy the freedom of parking anywhere or at the designated parking space which is usually near the entrance or exit rather than circling around the parking lot scouting for spaces. The fold-able e-bikes provides another level of mobility as it can be fold to take up less space and even fit under your desk or on train.

Better Range

E-Bikes have are Bolted with a Battery to Provide Power for the Motor in order for the Pedal Assistance to Work. When Fully Charged, the Suggest Assisted Range is around 35 km. However, depending on the rider's cycling pattern and road condition, one can simply go beyond that range. Of course, the range also depends on the capacity of the battery. Many people who doesn't exercise regularly is not fit enough for long distance ride, but with e-bike, it puts less pressure to the rider's knee and and joint resulting a longer riding range without noticing. Electric bike make cycling fun, even with heavy loads, for instance, children or groceries, the extra propelling power, simply makes it effortless.

Better Value

When picking up an electric bicycle, they might cost slightly more than conventional ones. However, they cost much lesser than owning and insuring a petrol car and motorcycle. They also eliminate the need of getting parking tickets and taxes. Charging up an electric bike cost lesser than refueling petrol for cars, and it has lesser wear and tear to think about. With Vector Atlantic, the e-bikes are locally assembled, which translates to a lower entry price, and a steady supply of spare parts. Our repair and service teams are easily available to assist to ensure best value provided to the consumers. 

Better Sustainability

As the awareness of environmental impact risen through the recent years, people have been looking into solutions to help save the environment. Electric bikes have been seen as the alternative to motorbikes or cars that runs on petrol or diesel, as they does not release any CO2 to the atmosphere. The battery if dispose properly, carries no effect to the environment. However, sustainability isn't only about the environment, being able to sustain cycling regularly to achieve health benefit is the ultimate goal. The fact that electric bike makes cycling easier, you will find yourself looking forward to cycle more.

Better YOU

By commuting to work or your daily grocery duties with an electric bike, is the easiest way to adapt regular cycling to your daily routine. Arrive to work sweat-free and feel fresh after the morning ride, it tends to make people less stressful, and lift your mood. Cycling burns calories, hence, regular cycling can help control weight and get fit. It makes you feel and look younger, keeps your body fat in check. Pave your way to a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the endless benefit of an electric bike, build the better you NOW.

VA Scooter.jpg
VA Scooter - Compact and Powerful

Motor Power: 1,000 Watt Brush-less Motor

Climbing Capacity: 18 degree

Load Capacity: 180 kg

Battery Capacity: 12ah, 60v Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 1 ~ 2 Hours

Tire Size: 9.5inches Tubeless Tire

Brake (front/Rear): Disk Brake

Gross Weight: 60kg

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Glide through the cities with this small wonder, the powerful 1000w brushless motor grants a effortless acceleration for the scooter even under heavy load. The VA Scooter is not cramp with accessories, operating it is fairly easy with just throttle and brake. Both tires of the scooter is sized at 10 inches and tubeless, it has good grip and rides over bump smoothly. It is also equipped with disk brake both at the front and back to ensure adequate stopping power.

The scooter rides up to around 35km/h depending on the road condition and rider weight, which is pretty fast around the streets. Knowing long charging time would be absurd, it is design to require roughly 2 hours of charging from a depleted battery and last for about 40km. Of course, range will vary with riding pattern and weight of load.The scooter is a pure joyride suitable for short distance transportation around neighbourhood or town.

VA Streeter.jpg
VA Streeter - Fun Neighbourhood Ride

Motor Power: 250 Watt

Range: ~30KM

Load Capacity: 120 kg

Battery Capacity: 12ah, 36v Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 6 ~ 8 Hours

Tire type: Tubeless Tire

Brake (front/Rear): Drum Brake

Gross Weight: 75kg

#vectoratlantic #vastreeter #fun&agile #250w

An affordable and entry level light-footed scooter that allows you to trail through streets and carries another when needed. It has a 250w motor bolted on to a fairly high capacity 36v lithium battery enough for day to day near distance travel. The front and back are equipped with a suspension system of decent travel, together with the tubeless tire, floats over bumpy road conditions. The main saddle can be adjusted to rider's comfortable height. An all rounder contender.

It has a basket attached to help with your daily grocery needs. The Streeter carries a very approachable design, it looks like a normal motorbike and a few other colour option is available as well. It have a very neat cable management, barely any cable hanging outside. This design prevents cable from being damaged or snagged. Its a simple and reliable commute getting you to your destination, with the overall attractive appeal, perfect for grocery shopping.

VA Streeter 2.jpg
VA Streeter 2 - Same Fun, Sweet Design

Motor Power: 250 Watt

Range: ~30KM

Load Capacity: 120 kg

Battery Capacity: 12ah, 36v Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 6 ~ 8 Hours

Tire type: Tubeless Tire

Brake (front/Rear): Drum Brake

Gross Weight: 75kg

#vectoratlantic #vastreeter2 #transportoftheday #totd

First and foremost, the Streeter 2 is design alongside with Streeter. Both shares the same powertrain and battery pack. The main differentiation between them is the external aesthetic, Streeter 2 is design to blend in with city riding assembling the look of a scooter rather than a motorbike. It features the bacis same accessories, having a front basket as a containing space for your bag and groceries. The handle is adjustable which rider can adjust to fit their height. 

The Streeter 2 is equipped with tubeless tyre to ensure optimum ride comfort. However, tyre pressure should still be checked from time to time. Despite having a rather skeleton look, the ebike is packed with the same high capacity battery, with a rating of 12ah. Enough for a minimun 30km assisted ride before it's out of juice. It comes with a leather wrapped sit for both the rider and passenger, traveling in it is pure pleasure, the go-to for those who enjoy casual riding.

VA X E-bike.jpg
VA X E-Bike - X-cellent Mobility

Motor Power: 250 Watt

Range: ~45KM

Load Capacity: 150 kg

Battery Capacity: 48v Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 3 ~ 5 Hours

Max Speed: 35km/h

Brake (front/Rear): Disc Brake

Nett Weight: 23kg

#vectoratlantic #vaxebike #foldable #lightweight

The X E-bike is the all-rounder champion, packed with great features and extreme build quality, it has claimed the throne among the E-bike crowd. The X is one of the e-bike marvel as it manage to carry all features of an e-bike but in a small form factor. It is foldable and the mechanism is easy to understand to deploy. In order to achieve this, the battery is design to fit as much as possible into the body structure so it doesn't protrude after it is being fold - very neat indeed.

The body structure is made from aluminium mixed alloy, it is extremely strong resulting a 150kg load capacity. The compact 250 watt motor will not break a sweat propelling this bike under full load. In addition, it is capable to reaching a regulated top speed of 35km per hour. Pretty fast for it small 10 inch-ish wheel, however, it is equipped with disk brake for front and rear allowing rider bring the bike to stop in time in any circumstances. All these, fits under your desk or trunk.

VA Neematic.png

The VA-Neematic is targeted at the mass by designing it to be fun, easy, well supported and affordable at the same time. The large 26 inch flat tires wheels has reinforced side walls to keep bike in control even when it punctures. Working along side with spring suspension mounted in the front, it flattens out bumpy off-road trails and cushions the city riding experience. With the right tire pressure,it is able to ride on sandy surface too. The sit is adjustable, covered with soft -

VA Neematic - All round Contender

Motor Power: 350 Watt

Speed Gear: Shimano 7 Speed Gear

Load Capacity: 120 kg

Battery Capacity: 36v Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 4~6 Hours

Tire type: 26 inches Flat Tire

Brake (front/Rear): Disk Brake

Gross Weight: 26 kg

#vectoratlantic #vaneematic #allterrain #350w #7speed

touch material, ergonomically designed, riding long distance on it is pure enjoyment. As safety is a main concern for most cyclist, the VA e-bike is equipped with a bright headlight and disk brakes for both the front and back wheels. Powering the 350w motor is a high capacity 36v lithium battery, which is capable of providing an assisted range of 35 to 50km. The frame of the bike is made with aluminium alloy, bring its gross weight to a stunning low of 26kg for e-bikes of it size.


First eye in the VA-EMTB, one will be carried away by the sturdy build and high quality finishing. Despite its physical appeal, VA-EMTB means no compromise in ride comfort and it performance. The body frame is made with aluminium alloy to shave weight off the bike and allow better agility. For this, maneuvering the e-bike require less effort and it is very well balanced around the corners. Riding on the custom 26 inch Kenda tires with excellent grip on all terrain, it gives the rider

VA E-Mountain Bike - Conquer the Wild

Motor Power: 350w Rear Brush-less hub Motor

Speed Gear: Outer 7 Speed Shimano

Battery Capacity: 48v Lithium Battery

Charging Time: 4~6 Hours

Tire type: 26 inches Kenda Tires

Brake (front/Rear): Disk Brake

Gross Weight: 31 Kg

Additional Specs: 790LED Speed and Power Indication

#vectoratlantic #vaemountainbike #7speed #350wmotor
#aluminiumalloyframe #kendatires

confidence even when the trail gets demanding. Attached to the rear wheel is a 350w brushless hub motor paired with 7 speed Shimano gear managed by a intelligent Pedal Assist System, the eMTB climbs uphill almost effortlessly. On the other hand, bringing this beast to a stop is front and back 4 piston disk brake system, feeding the rider extreme confident of being in control on a downhill track. With the centered sit and well balanced body, the VA- eMTB conquers the hill.