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The Aluminium Formwork System ( Formwork are know as Bekisting in SEA)  was Developed in the Late 1970s as a System for Low-Cost Housing Construction. They were use to Cast Concrete in Place, with Load Bearing Walls using Formwork of Aluminium Panels. The System is Reliable, Simple, Highly Adaptable and Cost Effective.

The System allows High Accuracy Concrete work that Results in Consistent Interior Fitting of Doors and Windows. It also Eliminates the Cost of Plastering by Giving the Concrete a Smooth of Finish. With these Flexibility, it has made Complex Architectural Designs Possible.

Aluminium Formwork System allows the Walls and Slabs to be Poured in the Same Operation for RCC Load Bearing or RCC Frames Multi-Storied Buildings. These Increase Efficiency and also Produced an Extraordinarily Strong Structure with Excellent Concrete Finish.

Due to its Consistency, it allows Plumbing and Electrical Fittings to be Prefabricated and Achieve Exact Fit when Assembled. Above all this, the Formwork System can be Erected without the Need of Cranes.

Benefits of Vector Formwork Systems for Building & Constructions

Quality & Consistent

Using High-Strength Aluminium Alloy and Bearings, the Results - Near Perfect Concrete Finishing.

Speed & Accuracy

Standardized Production, Ease of Assembly, Accurate Calculation. A 7-days 1 Floor Rate can be Achieve.

Cost Effective & Efficient

Lightweight Aluminium Panels are Easy to Carry, Install and Dismantle thus Lowering the Labour Cost.

Standardized & Systematic

Formwork Runs through Computer Design, Engineering Standardization and Modular.

Safe & Clean Site

All Panels and Accessories are Reusable and Follow Safety Standards.

Flexible & Adaptable

System can be Place Horizontally or Vertically, has High Adaptability on Architect's Design.

The Performance & Speed Advantages of Vector Formwork

Advantage 1.jpg

Vector Formwork allows for Early Stricking by Removing the Mid Link Slab, Leaving the Prob Undisturbed as Backdrop.

(Vertical Panel can be Removed after 12 Hours & Horizontal Panels after 36 Hours.)

Advantage 2.jpg

Efficiency of 7 days per Floor can be Achieved, Minimum of 3-4 floors can be Accomplish in a Month.​

All Structural Elements can be Cast in One Pperation.

(Walls, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Drops, Architraves, etc.)

Manufacturing Process of Vector Formwork

Installation Process of Formwork

Our value is to provide products, environment, and services that exceed customer expectation.

Therefore, upon completion, we use laser leveling checking tools to ensure the build up corresponds to the design and quality.

Vector Quality

Vector Formwork Accessories
Vector Formwork Accessories - Prop head

Prop Head

Placed between two middle beams or a middle beam and end beam, it hold beams and a support for concrete pour and casting.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Middle Beam

Middle Beam

Connect between two prop heads, it sustains slab panels to form ceiling

Vector Formwork Accessories - End Beam

End Beam

Connect with a prop head and a slab corner, it sustains the deck panels.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Wedge & Round Pin

Wedge & Round Pin

This is a main accessory which is mainly used to joint panels.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Wedge & Long Pin

Wedge & long Pin

Secure concrete form in place, holds middle beam and prop head together. Locked in between joint bar.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Hook


Installed on the bottom of wall panel surface, it holds the steel bar sustaining pressure of concrete to prevent leakage.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Bolt, Nut & Washer

Bolt, Nut & Washer

Act as an embedded anchor, it fixes the platform on the concrete surface while installing.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Bracket Bolt & Nut

Bracket Bolt & Nut

Secures panels or the platforms on the concrete surface during installation.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Tie Rod & Nut

Tie Rod & Nut

Use to joint the double-faced panels, adjustable to increase or decrease the width of the panels as the length varies.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Prop Support

Prop support

Connected with a prop head, it sustain the slab during concrete pour and casting.

Vector Formwork Accessories - L Bar & Y Bar

L Bar & Y Bar

L bar is used to adjust for pin and Y bar is used to dismantle wall & slab panel.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Joint Bar

Joint Bar

Joints the prop head and a middle beam or end beam.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Rocker.jpg


Connect to the bottom of a wall panel, it is typically 50mm in length.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Wall End Panel

Wall End Panel

Covers both edges of the panels, which are facing each other.

Vector Formwork Accessories -Slab Length

Slab Length

Joints a wall panel and a slab panel.

Vector Formwork Accessories - Slab Incorner

Slab Incorner

Connects wall panel and internal slab panel.

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